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18 Hour Fishing Rodeo – Extended Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Quick Details


Welcome Aboard the Fastest, Cleanest, Air-Conditioned Party Boats in Destin!

This a special Destin Fishing Rodeo Trip extended fishing trip more suitable for the 16 years of age & up angler although ages 13+ are allowed accompanied by and adult.

This trip will drive longer to get to deeper water in hopes of landing in-season fish that are larger in size than our typical catch. The aim is more of a quality over quantity.

It’s important to remember to bring ample food/beverages for your trip as we sell nothing on the boat and you will need to stay fueled and hydrated. You can also bring a light blanket/pillow because the boat checks in at 11:30 pm and leaves at 12:01 followed by a lot of driving to the deep water. There will be time to rest up before reaching your first fishing spot at dawn.

Please be advised that you may be waiting in the Rodeo weigh line upon return to the harbor so allow plenty of extra time at the end of the trip (i.e. don’t make dinner reservations).

No discounts are applicable on this trip and no comps or punch cards can be redeemed for this trip as we have limited the amount of anglers to make the trip more comfortable for you.


Boats make some people very sleepy, and it makes a few people seasick from the motion of the boat on the water. We recommend talking to your doctor about a motion sickness cure that they would recommend. We further recommend talking to your doctor about having you take it the night before and then again the morning of the trip so that it’s in your system so that your full day will be a delightful experience (and those around you). There are several over-the-counter remedies available that a local pharmacist can also recommend. Buy sunscreen and after-sun lotions while you are there.