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Learn the Fundamentals of Destin Deep Sea Fishing

Our Destin fishing trips are family outings geared toward anglers without a lot of experience. This trip is great for kids and first-timers. We refer to them as our family-fun trips!

Some beginners jump right into a 6-hour trip for their first experience deep sea fishing.  Most have never been before. Since it’s only 6 hours, half of the day can be enjoyed deep sea fishing leaving the rest of the day up for grabs.  Almost all anglers end up with a catch of which you can be proud. 

The 8-hour goes into deeper water where larger fish are found and gives you ample time to “get your fish on”.   Most women and teenagers are still comfortable with this trip, but make sure they really like to fish.

Allow our friendly, experienced and professional crew to host your family on your next memorable fishing adventure!

All of our trips are family oriented and a great way to experience the Gulf of Mexico and deep sea fishing. You have additional opportunities to catch more and bigger fish with the longer trips, but some people aren’t cut out for a full day on the water.


Our Destin charter boats make for a great ride, but all boats make some people very sleepy, and make a few people seasick from the motion of the boat on the water. We recommend talking to your doctor about a motion sickness cure that they could recommend. We further recommend talking to your doctor about having you take it the night before and then again the morning of the trip so that it’s in your system and your full day will be a delightful experience for you (and those around you). There are several over-the-counter remedies available that a local pharmacist can also recommend. Buy sunscreen and after-sun lotions while you are there.

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  • We are very proud of our magnificent boats!

    The DESTINY is a 72-foot G&S Sport Fisher with a passenger capacity of 56. The DESTIN PRINCESS is a 65-foot catamaran that can carry 42 passengers. Both boats are very clean and super fast, with awnings and bench seating all around the outside, and very comfortable picnic-style tables and benches inside. They are both heated and air conditioned, providing you with a comfortable ride.

    All bait, tackle and license are included with your trip. Passengers need to provide any food and drinks needed for the day. We ask that no glass containers be brought on board. A fish cleaning service is provided after your trip for an additional 35 cents per pound. Also, please remember our mates work very hard for you, and do so for tips. 15-20% of your fare is customary.

    We also recommend that you bring items for your comfort, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, camera and a hand towel.

    888-837-5088, or local: 850-837-5088. We secure your reservation by taking full payment at the time of booking. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are all accepted. You are welcome to pay with cash if making your reservation in person; there is no difference in the price. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure to sign in and get your boarding pass.

    If you find you cannot make your trip, you MUST notify us 24 hours in advance to cancel your reservation to avoid being charged.

    We constantly monitor weather and offshore conditions, and are happy to pass that information on to you. Just give us a call: long distance 888-837-5088, or local 850-837-5088. In the event we have to cancel a trip due to weather conditions, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know. NOTE: it is very important that you provide us with a good contact number, and that you have voice mail on your phone so we can leave you a message if you don’t answer.

    Our goal is to provide you with the most pleasurable and memorable trip possible. Whether you have fished offshore for years, or have never been in a boat, a trip aboard the DESTIN PRINCESS or DESTINY is the way to go!

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  • Deposit Policy
    A $500 deposit per day is required to confirm your reservation. You may also pay in full. Either way, the $500 deposit is refundable or carried forward, only if the Captain cancels the trip due to inclement weather or mechanical difficulty. Otherwise, deposits are non-refundable for any reason and will not be applied towards future trips. Customers do not dictate weather calls. If trips are paid in full, any amount over $500 will be carried forward to a future trip at customer’s request.
    Drugs on Board Will Not be Tolerated.
    Neither the Coast Guard nor the Florida Marine Patrol has a sense of humor or any flexibility regarding this rule, and neither do we.
    If you pay by credit card, the only conditions under which your credit card will be refunded is if the boat returns to the dock due to inclement weather or mechanical difficulty, at the sole discretion of the captain of the boat. Payments are non-refundable for any other reason and will not be applied towards future trips.